Beyond the Whistle: Re-Branded, Re-Launched, and Re-Focused

Beyond the Whistle (BTW) the sports branding group, has reconfigured itself to better serve the athletes, communities, programs, and organizations that are important to us all. After many important discussions, roundtables, and focus groups, the for-profit branding company has redirected its attention to the non-profit sector. The end goal has not changed—better prepared athletes for life beyond the game itself. This new direction Re-focuses of the organization from athletes that have already made it to the professional realm, to those that still have dreams of success on the court or gridiron.

“We want to highlight the athletic abilities of our youth, but not forget that there is more to it than that,” says Executive Director Kelvin Woodson. “There comes a time when we have to look forward and shift our thinking. That would be so much easier for our children if their ‘plan B’ was just as polished and strong as their ‘Plan A’.”


With the new branding, there comes a Re-directed online presence through the website—a single online point of reference for all participating youth, schools, and organizations. The new site provides users with an all-inclusive overview of the service offerings and team philosophy. BTW offers its participants a comprehensive range of services that matches the needs of high school athletes, coaches and administrators, and parents that want to help their children prepare for the next level.

“After numerous conversations and working with athletes on all levels, this new approach seems to be the best way to reach our future pros,” says Ariel Allen, BTW Director. “We want to make a difference and really help our youth succeed, on the field, in the classroom, and beyond. Using the passion for sport to think forward to careers, professional development and character building is a must.”

About Beyond The Whistle

Beyond the Whistle is a Tampa, Florida based nonprofit organization with mission is to develop forward-thinking student athletes for life beyond the field of play. To develop a “Plan of Passion” for each student through leadership development, service learning, program planning, and the overall business of sport. Beyond the Whistle’s core values are Growing Resources for Academic & Athletic Development or G.R.A.A.D.

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