In School Services

In School Services


Peer tutoring programming to give students the opportunity to earn community service hours by helping their teammates earn the grades to keep them eligible and college ready.


Test Prep

Coming Soon
BTW is currently working with community partnerships to offer collegiate test prep services to the Tampa Bay Community.


Clearing House Tutorials & Planning

Preparing a student athlete to go onto the next level can be a daunting task for not only the student, but family and coaches as well.  BTW provides aide in the process by providing workshops for parents and coaches as well as a fundamental and detailed checklists for students to utilize as they prepare for their next big challenge.


Speaker Series

BTW Speaker Series allows former student athletes that current working in sports, entertainment, media, operations, etc. to convey their wisdom and life lessons to children with sports aspirations. Each professional’s journey is unique, and it is important to share that there is no single path to greatness.

Life beyond the game is inevitable. To participate with BTW as a speaker, please contact our team at 813-388-8410 or